8 November 2019 – 7th International Conference of Lawyers – Tbilisi, Georgia

Maria Ślązak, AEA-EAL President

7 November 2019 – 2 Market Access and Market Fragmentation – Bern, Switzerland

Professor Michael Hahn (speaking) and Professor Philipp Zurkinden

October 17 – 19, 2019 – Legal Business Forum – Łódź, Poland


Maria Ślązak, AEA-EAL President


Grzegorz Wyszogrodzki, Dean of the Łódź Bar Association


Amirali Nasir, Vice-President of the Law Society of Hong Kong

20 September 2019 – First International Forum of Law Offices – Wrocław, Poland

Aleksandra Siewicka-Marszałek, AEA-EAl Secretary General

6 – 7 September 2019 – Tbilisi Legal Forum – Tbilisi, Georgia

Maria Ślazak, AEA-EAL President

5 – 6 July 2019 – Twinning of Lawyers – Gdańsk, Poland

Jerzy Mosek, Dean of the Gdańsk Bar of Attorneys-at-law, Maria Ślązak, AEA-EAL President (speaking), Jarosław Niesiołowski, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Gdańsk Bar of Attorneys-at-law

Participnts rising questions

Maria Ślazak and Jerzy Mosek with speakers and participants

Michał Widawski, Polish speaker, with conference participants

30 May – 1 June 2019 – AI Beyond Hype – Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)

Iain Mitchell QC and Professor Burkhard Schafer

Katharina Miller, President of the European Women Lawyers Association (EWLA)

Conference speakers in a discussion panel

22 – 23 May 2019 – 14th Bar Leaders Conference, Budapest, Hungary

Maria Ślazak, AEA-EAL President (left)

4 – 7 April 2019 – The harmonization and appropriation of the national legislation with the European Community Acquis – Chisinau, Moldova

Vladimir Palamarciuc, Past President of the Moldovan Young Lawyers Association (MYLA) and Guillaume Tatuoueix, President of the European Young Bar Association

28 February – 2 March 2019 – European Presidents Conference – Vienna, Austria

Maria Ślązak, AEA-EAL President

Reception by the Austrian Federal Chacellor

Opening of the conference by Rupert Wolff, President of the Austrian Federal Bar

14 – 18 January 2019 – Opening of the Legal Year – Dakar, Senegal

Mr. Athanase Mbaigangnon, Dean of the Tchad Bar , Jean-Pierre van Cutsem and Mr. Alhassane Sangare, Dean of the Mali Bar

Mr. Ibrahima Ndoye, Prosecutor of the Republic of Senegal (left) and Mr. Mbaye Gueye, President of the Conference of the UEMOA Bars (Union Economique et Monétaire de l’ Ouest Africain)

23 November 2018 – Posted Workers in Europe – Lyon, France

Jean-Pierre van Cutsem, AEA-EAL Past President

Monique Stengel, AEA-EAL Past President

8 – 9 November 2018 – Modern Legal Profession, Tbilisi, Georgia

Conference speakers: Laurent Pettiti (France), Maria Ślązak (AEA-EAL President, Poland), David Asatiani (GBA President), Christoph von Wilcken (AEA-EAL Vice-President, Germany), Rupert Wolff (President of the Austrian Bar)

Maria Ślazak, AEA-EAL President

Christoph von Wilcken, AEA-EAL Vice-President

26 October 2018 – Market Access: Legal Parameters in Europe and beyond – Bern, Switzerland

Maria Ślązak, AEA-EAL President with Professor Philipp Zurkinden, Chair of the Workshop, Past President of the AEA-EAL

HE Jane Owen, UK Ambassador to the Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Maria Ślazak, AEA-EAL President, Professor Michael Hahn, Managing Director of the Institut für Europa- und Wirtschaftsvölkerrecht and Professor Philipp Zurkinden, AEA-EAL Past President together with representatives of Swiss Government

30 August 2018 – Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between AEA-EAL and AIJA – Brussels, Belgium

Maria Ślązak, AEA-EAL President and Wiebe de Vries, AIJA President

August 2018 – Irish Rule of Law International mission – Lilongwe, Malavi

Some of the IRLI volunteers/ directors outside the office in Lilongwe Malawi August 2018. Left to right Macdara O’Drisceoil, Maya Linstrum Newman, Tyler Holmes, Jolene Quinn, Eithne Lynch and Norville Connolly

16 – 18 June 2018 – Advocates 2018 – Improving the Quality of Legal Services – Almaty, Kazakhstan

Zaza Khatiashvili, Past President of the Georgian Bar Association, Xu Wenli (China) and C.M. Chan, Vice-President of the Law Society of Hong Kong

Maria Ślazak, AEA-EAL President and Anuar Tugel, Chairman of the Republican Collegium of Advocates of Kazakhstan