Who we are?

The European Association of Lawyers – Association Européenne des Avocats (AEA-EAL), was established in 1986 by former members of the International Association of Young Lawyers, who decided to strengthen links of members (networking), share experience in professional matters on cross-border field as well as broaden knowledge of European law.

The Association has been organizing each year in different parts of Europe two or three seminars or congresses. These events have promoted current issues of the European law, sense of community amongst European lawyers and European concept of the profession. They provide an excellent forum for networking and experience-sharing. We also pay attention to practical aspects of performing the lawyer’s profession providing training in such areas like law firm management, legal marketing, management of contacts as well as acquiring of new clients.

The Association has members from various jurisdictions in Europe and outside of Europe (Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States). Growing network of lawyers helps our members to develop professional and social contacts and to expand their activity. Our Statutes, amended recently, allows to join us by lawyers from all continents and jurisdictions, sharing same fundamental values of the profession like independence, self-governance and protecting professional secrecy as well as acting for public and citizens’ interest. We offer various type of membership, depending on lawyers’ needs: individual, for law firms, associations of lawyers as well as for Bars and other officially recognized law societies. Nowadays around half of our members are individual lawyers, 40% are law firms (from small to big ones) and less than 10% – other entities like Bar Associations.

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