Presentations from Olsztyn Conference

On behalf of the European Association of Lawyers we would like to thank you for participation in the conference on General Regulation of Data Protection (GDPR) held in Olsztyn on September 7-9, 2017.

The conference was a part of AEA-EAL programme on European law, conducted together with Regional Bar Associations in Poland. Since 2010 we have organized ten conferences and seminars on various areas of community regulations, being met with high interest of Polish colleagues.

We are delighted that you had an opportunity to meet our speakers from Poland, Hungary and United Kingdom presenting in a very practical way national and European dimension of the GDPR. Presence of speaker from China was an excellent opportunity to touch the problem of data exchange with non-EU jurisdiction, being particularly important in the context of growing political, commercial and legal influence of China in our part of the continent.

Conference presentations are available for download in pdf.

Marlena Sakowska Baryla

Peter Homoki

Controller’s obligations

Anna Kaczyńska

Olga Zabolewicz

Dominik Lubasz

Ning Susan1

Manana Topolewska

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