Webinar on impact of Covid-19 on access to justice

18 May 2020 (online)

Our second seminar dedicated to English-speaking audience took place on May 18 at 17:30 CET on “Impact of COVID-19 on the access to justice – general overview of the situation in various countries throughout the world”.

During the seminar four issues were discussed:
– Pre-trial isolation and the right to defense. Access to a lawyer of detainees, suspects and accused persons deprived liberty in investigation and judicial proceedings. Do the justice bodies respect demanded legal standards and everything works well?
– Victims of domestic violence and their rights in the context of access to justice – existing legal standards and current practice (experiences of lawyers).
– Legal privilege in COVID-19 pandemic times – a value in serious danger?
– Closer or more distant justice? Pros and cons of application of new technologies in access to justice.

Panel moderator was Ph. D. Piotr Chrzczonowicz, attorney and law and academic from Poland; speakers:

  • Professor Marcelo Castrogiovanni, advocate, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Monique Stengel, advocate, Treasurer of the Federation of European Bars, AEA-EAL immediate Past President, Paris, France
  • Vladimir Palamarciuc, advocate, Past President of the Moldavian Young Lawyers Association (MYLA), Chisinau, Moldova
  • Juan Nunez, advocate, AEA-EAL Past President, Barcelona, Spain
  • Tina Fernandez, barrister and solicitor, specialist in IT and technology, London, United Kingdom

You can find below presentations for download:

Piotr Chrzczonowicz (moderator) – introductory remarks – final

Piotr Chrzczonowicz (moderator) – slides

Marcelo Castrogiovanni

Tina Fernandez

Juan Nunez

Vladimir Palamarciuc

Monique Stengel