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Rule of Law State under question in the EU – invitation for colloquium

Brussels Bar Association (French and German-speaking) and European Association of Lawyers (AEA-EAL) invite all our members and friends for a colloquium on “Rule of Law State under question in the European Union“.

The principle of the rule of law is one of the fundamental values ​​on which the European Union is founded. This principle fulfills a particular function in the list of fundamental values ​​set out in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union, which are human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality and human rights, know that it guarantees their protection. Yet the rule of law is under a lot of pressure in the Union and with it, the protection of all fundamental values.

The purpose of this conference is to present to you, first of all, the basis of the principle of the rule of law, but also the role that the European Commission plays in the defense of this principle. A second part of the conference will then be dedicated to an overview of the rule of law in Belgium. The last part of the conference will be devoted to the role of the CJEU, but also that of lawyers and judges in protecting the rule of law.

Conference will be held in French.

Below you can find program/ agenda of the event. Registration is available under this link.


Colloque_040621_plkt_210521 programme_Strona_1

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