Membership fees

Yearly membership fees are following:

• Full individual members from the European Union, European Economic Area, Switzerland and United Kingdom

· 1st year of membership
50,00 €
0,00 € – in case of admission during or directly after AEA-EAL ‘s events (this exemption does not apply in case of events free of charge).

· 2nd year of membership
75,00 €

· 3rd year of membership
100,00 €

· 4th and following years of membership (regular fee)
175,00 €

· 50,00 € – members under 30 years

• Full individual members from outside the European Union, European Economic Area, Switzerland and United Kingdom, as well as for associated and correspondent members

· 50,00 €
· 0,00 € – for lawyers under 30 years

• For collective members – law firms:

· 400,00 € – members from the EU, EEC, CH and UK
· 200,00 € – members from the other countries

• For bar associations, law societies and other organizations of lawyers
Those fees are set based on the agreement and decision of the Board of Directors.

In case of cancellation during the year, fees are non-refundable.

Any disputes should be resolved in an amicable way or referred to mediation. If not possible, the case may be referred to the Tribunal of the First Instance in Brussels.