Mediation Committee – current works

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-25 at 14.59.14AEA-EAL Board decided to establish a Mediation Committee to promote alternative dispute resolution mechanisms among legal profession, to promote use of the mediation by lawyers and to provide knowledge and know-how on this tool.

The Mediation Committee members established the annual working plan for 2021 as well as agreed the schedule of permanent meetings for Committee members. 

Namely for the last months, after creation of Committee,  the committee members dedicated the meetings to promote the system of mediation in different jurisdictions represented by committee members as well as dedicated committee meetings to different jurisdiction standards of the role of lawyer in mediation process as well as the standards for lawyers interested in becoming mediator on the example of the jurisdictions represented in Mediation Committee.

Professor Irakli Kandashvili

Chair of the mediation Committee