Hereby declare that I would like to adhere to the EAL
Full member - individual
✓ If registration by conference - membership fee of that year will be included in the conference fee
✓ 1st (full) year - 50,00 €
✓ 2nd year - 75,00 €
✓ 3rd year - 100,00 €
✓ Regular fee - 175,00 €1

Full member – individual under 302 progressive fee as above and max. - 50,00 €

Full member – individual under 353 progressive fee as above and max. - 100,00 €

Full member – legal entity (law firm) - 400,00 €

Full member – collective member (groupings representing the collective interests of the profession of Lawyer)
to be confirmed by an individual agreement

Associate or correspondent – individual member - 50,00 €

Associate or correspondent member – legal entity - 200,00 €

Associate or correspondent member – collective member
to be confirmed by an individual agreement

Honorary member - 50,00 €

Ten + eight =

1 If new members join the association on specific recommendation of a member, the fee of this member will be reduced by 25 € per new member up to 75 €
maximum for that year – to be compensated with the next conference fee or reduced at the following membership call
2 Young member rates are applied provided that we receive an evidence of applicants' age.
3 idem

Join us

Manual Registration – download form

Membership form – EN
Membership form RU


Your Benefits

As AEA-EAL member you may benefit with a number of opportunities and advantages:

  1. Networking platform – easy contact with lawyers from other countries
  2. Attending AEA-EAL conferences to increase knowledge and receive credits within continuous legal education system
  3. Use of AEA-EAL logo at professional letterheads and websites;
  4. Information about your firm and you as a member on AEA-EAL website and in its Newsletter
  5. Possibility to be a speaker at international conferences
  6. Meeting colleagues from other jurisdictions in very friendly atmosphere at Association’s social events
  7. Get involved in AEA-EAL governance – serve as a Board or Committee member
  8. Get membership certificate
  9. Discounts on registration fees for AEA-EAL events
  10. Very reasonable membership fees

To become an EAL member simply fill in the electronic form or downolad the pdf form.


Use of logo

All full members of the AEA-EAL are entitled to use of the AEA-EAL logo (as well as to indicate: “member of AEA-EAL”) in their professional communication, i.e. web page, official fan page on Facebook as well as in electronic and traditional correspondence (on a letterhead). If you wish to obtain the file with official logo, please contact us at

Resolution on right to use the AEA-EAL logo


Use of google group

Every member may join our internal google group in order to seek contact with other members. To do so simply send your request to