Council of Europe

HELP Course completed

European Association of Lawyers (AEA-EAL) congratulates AEA-EAL members who successfully completed the Council of Europe HELP course on Ethics for Lawyers, implemented in a joint initiative of the Council of Europe HELP Programme, the European Association of Lawyers and the European Young Bar Association. Participants received certificates issued by the Council of Europe confirming course completion.

During the implementation of the course, AEA-EAL Deontology Committee actively contributed by delivering presentations and sharing experiences with participants. The contribution was provided mainly by Nielson Sanchez Stewart, chair of the Committee, Advocate, Doctor Iuris, Counsellor of the Consejo General de la Abogacía Española and Professor of Ethics, Jedrez Klatka, member of AEA-EAL and Vladimir Palamarciuc, co-author of the HELP course on Ethics for Judges, Prosecutors and Lawyers and HELP certified tutor.

AEA-EAL highly appreciates cooperation with the Council of Europe HELP Programme and the European Young Bar Association during the implementation of the HELP course and expresses its readiness for further cooperation to improve training activities for legal professionals across Europe and better standards in the exercise of the profession of lawyer.

More information about this HELP course is available at the following link about the launching event:

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