Representation and the Role of a Lawyer in Mediation

On Wednesday, March 15, 2023, an interesting online meeting took Place dedicated to Representation and the Role of a Lawyer in Mediation. The Event was organized by the European Association of Lawyers.

The meeting focused on presenting information regarding the European Code of Conduct for Mediators including the priority of interests of the client, the main principles in the mediation process, appropriate ethical behaviors for mediators, as well as “How lawyers can avoid ruining mediation”

During the opening speech Maria Ślązak, AEA-EAL President, noted the importance of the role of a Lawyer in the Mediation Process.

Our Organization was represented by:

Prof. Irakli Kandashvili – Chairperson of the Mediation Committee (AEA – EAL)
Djamshid Turdaliev – Mediator, Member of the Board of Bar of Uzbekistan
Luiza Romanadze – Mediator, President of the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation
Svetlana Sergeyeva – Attorney, Mediator, Vice-President of Ukrainian Academy of Mediation
Iain G. Mitchell KC – Barrister and King’s Counsel

The event was concluded by Maria Ślązak, AEA-EAL President who represented information regarding the ECHR Knowledge Sharing platform (ECHR-KS). It was highlighted that the mission of the Platform is to share Convention case-law knowledge, complementing the existing information tools such as HUDOC.

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