Event dedicated to International Women’s Day

On March 14, 2023, a special event “Everything you always wanted to know about lawyers but were afraid to ask” took place which was dedicated to International Women’s day. The event was jointly organized by The Opole Bar of Attorneys-at-Law and the European Association of Lawyers.

The event was featuring lawyers from India, China, Italy, Germany, Austria, Romania, Serbia, UK.

AEA-EAL President Maria Ślązak as well as Dean of the District Council of the Chamber of Legal Advisers in Opole Katarzyna Bisowska – greeted all participants and in their welcoming remarks.

The meeting was focused on sharing personal experiences by answering questions regarding the personal life of a lawyer woman, work-life balance challenges as well as the system of legal education, and the role of lawyers’ organizations, women vs. men. It was highlighted that, although women slowly found their place in the legal profession since the 19th century, women still face challenges in the Legal Profession. There are still traditional sexual stereotypes, inflexible workplace structures, and inadequate access to mentoring.

Special guests and speakers: Sabine Fuhrmann (Germany), Alix Frank-Thomasser (Austria), Arcadia Hinescu (Romania), Tanya Jha (India), Ana Nestorovic (Serbia), Beange Dorota (UK), Sharon Shi (China), Shirin Amirgaliyeva (Kazakhstan)

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