Polish lawyers for Ukraine

The Center for Coordination of Legal Aid was established to provide pro bono legal aid to people affected by the war in Ukraine. We operate through a nationwide call center and through legal information points located throughout the country. Assistance in solving legal problems is provided by volunteer experts: attorneys-at-law, advocates and representatives of all legal professions and associations as well as NGO lawyers.

As part of the Center, the National Bar Association of Attorneys-at-law coordinates cooperation between 19 regional bars association of attorneys-at-law and other legal associations. Lawyers work together to help those affected by the war in Ukraine. Thanks to the initiative of the National Bar Association of Attorneys-at-law, the largest coalition of legal associations supporting people in need who came to Poland after the outbreak of war was created.

The Center will continue to operate as long as Ukrainians seeking a safe haven in Poland need legal aid.

We can help with the following:

  1. Legal status of citizens of Ukraine arriving on the territory of the Republic of Poland in connection with military operations – their basic rights and obligations,
  2. Legalisation of residence and work of foreigners (including Ukrainian citizens) residing in Poland before 24 February 2022,
  3. Temporary custody and family foster care for unaccompanied Ukrainian minors coming to Poland in connection with the warfare,
  4. Employment of Ukrainian citizens – the Special Law on Assistance to Ukrainian Citizens and the Labour Code,
  5. Employer’s obligations in the sphere of social insurance.

e20317e6-c1f7-49c2-afe4-798116ec36ceWorks of the Center for Coordination of Legal Aid are coordinated by attorney-at-law Magdalena Bartosiewicz, member of the Commission for Foreign Affairs and Human Rights at the Warsaw Bar of the Attorneys-at-Law.

Visit the Center’s website: prawnicyukrainie.pl

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