Strasbourg: a capital of Europe from Atlantic to Pacific?

February 27, 2019

Jean-Louis Feuerbach

Thirty years ago, the Soviet-American iron curtain collapsed under the impact of the people settled on the Amber Roads. The demackinderisation of the European continent will emerge through the German reunification, the disovietisation and the emancipation of the countries of Central Europe.

Some initial assumptions:

• The market “globalisation” exposes the incapacity of capitalism to hold its hegemony. The planet remains always bigger than them. The post-1945 standard model is disrupted.
• The hyperclass and the peoples are struggling. The capitalism has programmed its obsolescence because the costs of its reign have become exorbitant (Wolfgang Streeck).
• The orgy of the global debts hisses the end of the ball. And with it of those who command by the debt. If the global wealth has been multiplied by 26, the global public debt has been multiplied by 65. Hence the “panic of the world” (Th. Gomart).
• It is the big return of the real, politics and the classic powers. Such as Europe.
• Cuius regio, eius economia.
• At the same time, a transatlantic distance and a disavowal of the level of the Nation State have been notified.
• The political demand of the peoples fluctuates between small size but sovereign political units and political architecture of big space.

Hence these little reflections:

The Euro-Siberian continental space is squared with lines of friendship (amity lines). They correspond to the plural and millenary roads that have names of Amber Roads or Silk Roads. These are both historical and trade routes, routes of spirituality (leylines), of culture and ideas. Nothing, if not, few things hinder it. There are no natural borders. The Ural Mountains are not high enough. The space from the Atlantic Bretagne to the borders of Eastern Siberia is open, easily circulatory. The way from the Rhine to the Pacific is free. Unfortunately, the extra European powers will have ceaselessly accumulated quarrels, barriers and walls to the constitution of a solidarity confederation of peoples. It is high time to end this catastroika. Europe cannot remain an invertebrate space and rump of Globalia. Europe must erase the incapacitating anachronisms, which neutralise and humiliate it. It must think and act on its continental liberation and transcend enmities and lethal hostilities. We must make Europe by reconciling Europeans; it will be from its Eurasian core space. Just follow its rivers or accompany the network of oil and gas pipelines on its landmass and thus recover the raw materials, fossil fuels and necessary ores for the economic, technical, and therefore political project. To reunite and reassemble together the dispersed and separated European Diasporas is the challenge. The Silk Roads will be the giant gateway, which will once again connect the vast shatterbelts between Europe and India and between Europe and China. Across the steppic space and from fluvial Danubian Rhenish axises, without forgetting land communications, the western peninsula of Europe will make the giant leap forward towards Central Europe and Central Asia. From the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, along the Volga, the Baltic/Pontic axis of the Bosphorus of the Aegean Sea and from the eastern basin of the Mediterranean will be constituted. It aims to unblock the Ukrainian gateway, thus routing the Russian hydrocarbons to the West and opening up whole of Europe. Also by renewing trade relations with India and China, Europe will recover the Middle-Earth. This pacified space from the Atlantic to the Pacific must give rise to a new system of collective security. Of which Strasbourg could be the Lothringian pivot. Thus, the heirs of Charlemagne’s three sons and their brothers from Central Europe will meet again united. And the sharing of Verdun (843) will be revoked. Herewith, the peripheries will be connected again, united, reconnected to the centers. Let us never forget that without energetic supply, Europe would be geopolitically locked, padlocked and neutralised. This disarticulated marionette would only be a piece of Rimland unable to hold its axiological project, economic, societal or legal. Wanting to be at the heart of the world and this heart itself convoques to the mobilisation. Which means starting to move, getting mobilised, getting on the road and having a telos on the horizon. The right itself does not exist without territory. Any civilisation takes place on a specific organisation of space. Europe is first a land, a space, a nomos. The right is its sacred grove. The Nation State idea is no longer operative. The real of balance of power has reduced it to nothing. The rules of the game push the limits and borders. The European space needs room. The future of the political institutions as economic and technical instances passes through the conformation of the momentum to the real. However, Europe is a particular geographical area. Its right or its rights cannot be detached from the history of its Polity, from the imponderables of its geography nor from the aspirations of its peoples. Europeans must lift themselves to the height of these thresholds. To become unified beyond all the old stato-national antagonisms and to live the permanent game of anchorages, re-anchorages and pullings out involves injecting anti-production, that is, coagulating stabilisation jets (G.DeLEUZE) in the flow of flows. May the great instances located in Strasbourg play at the largest scale the role of continental converter of a dynamisor sensor of real, various and plural forces, generous and carnal, living and organic. May the networks of the AEA-EAL associate their skills to such an ethic of responsibility in a collusion of legitimacy and of historical thickness. Professor Walter LEINER considered that the triumph was grounded in a Roman idea of success and historical success, which means, something on which we can build something and on which we must raise a new dimension of adhesion, durability and greatness. Let us establish the Euro-Siberian hemisphere. Let us not forget that the goddess Europe owes its name to its great eyes that see far and wide. To be continued.

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