New collective members of the AEA-EAL

We are pleased to inform that two new bar associations has been admitted as full members of the European Associations of Lawyers (AEA-EAL): Białystok Bar Association and Georgian Bar Association. Both organizations applied for membership in the AEA-EAL with the aim of wide co-operation in organizing common projects, events and other undertakings in line with Association’s statuary goals.

The Georgian Bar Association (GBA) is the only official bar in the Republic of Georgia with mandatory membership of all Georgian lawyers. Currently GBA has over 3,600 members. The main seat of the bar is located in Tbilisi – the capital of Georgia. The GBA maintains wide relations with bar associations in Europe, Caucasus and middle Asia actively participating in international exchanges and training of lawyers.

The President of the Georgian Bar Association is Mr. Zaza Khatiashvili.

Białystok Bar Association is one of 19 regional bars of attorneys in the Republic of Poland and associates around 1200 lawyers. The main seat of the bar is located in Bialystok, a capital of Podlasie region in north-east part of Poland famous, among others, of the last of natural forest in Europe – Bialowieża Forest.

Białystok Bar Association cooperated already with the AEA-EAL organising in 2015 a seminar on European family law.

The Dean of the Białystok Bar Association is Mr. Andrzej Kaliński.


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