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Your Benefits

As AEA-EAL member you may benefit with a number of opportunities and advantages:

  1. Networking platform – easy contact with lawyers from other countries
  2. Attending AEA-EAL conferences on EU law to increase knowledge and receive credits within continuous legal education system
  3. Use of AEA-EAL logo at professional letterheads and websites;
  4. Information about your firm and you as a member on AEA-EAL website and in its Newsletter
  5. Possibility to be a speaker at international conferences
  6. Meeting colleagues from other jurisdictions in very friendly atmosphere at Association’s social events
  7. Get involved in AEA-EAL governance – serve as a Board or Committee member
  8. Discounts on registration fees for AEA-EAL events
  9. Very reasonable membership fees

To become an EAL member download the membership form, fill it and send back to


Use of logo

All full members of the AEA-EAL are entitled to use of the AEA-EAL logo (as well as to indicate: “member of AEA-EAL”) in their professional communication, i.e. web page, official fan page on Facebook as well as in electronic and traditional correspondence (on a letterhead). If you wish to obtain the file with official logo, please contact us at

Resolution on right to use the AEA-EAL logo

Use of google group

Every member may join our internal google group in order to seek contact with other members. To do so simply send your request to

Rules of use of the group:


• changing of law office or address, or
• incorporation of new partners or associates;
• news about defence rights or professional exercise

in which the members want to have a support from the AEA-EAL and its members. This should be send directly to the Board of Directors.

2. Please answer any query from a requesting member ONLY to this requesting member WITHOUT spreading the answer to all members in order to avoid multiplying messages to colleagues who are not interested in.

3. If the responding member considers that the answer could be also interesting to a certain number of the other members, he or she may add CC the secretariat (, who will react properly, by spreading the information on a regular basis, adding this information either to the Newsletter or to the rest of news or information to be sent from time to time on a regular basis. The responding member will be cited as responder.

4. This system, working with great success in other communities, should be used on a strict basis and follow carefully the above rules, to avoid that members receive dozens of messages about particular issues they are not interested in.

5. In addition, we have to kindly ask the members not to use the system to introduce advertising or self-promoting
news, but to send them to the secretariat address (, which will react as stated in point 3.

Remember that ANY message sent to the Google Group address will be received by ALL the members of AEAEAL. So, please, use it properly.