The European Association of Lawyers (EAL) was founded in 1986, when around a hundred ambitious lawyers, mainly former members of the International Association of Young Lawyers, decided to create a European Association for Lawyers, which they headquartered in Brussels. The aim of this group was, and is, to face the new challenges of the European Community.

Indeed, at that point there had yet to be an association dedicated to the European cause and the EAL has been built up with a lot of enthusiasm. The goal was to strengthen the links of members, share their experiences, and broaden or and expand their knowledge of European law, which continues to become more and more important.

Since then, driven by its tireless energy, the European legislature has issued thousands of regulations and directives….which legal professionals have to keep up with. European law influences and dominates our national law and it is highly dangerous to ignore it. However, it becomes more and more challenging to stay informed about the legal changes which the European Institutions impose.

This challenge is the EAL’s main issue. The Association endeavors to support European lawyers by helping them stay up-to-date with the work and situations in other European member states, the particularities and specificities of their legal systems, and last but not least, the common specificities of lawyers’ profession in the face of growing worldwide competition.

Consequently, for over 30 years, the Association has been organizing two or three seminars or congresses a year, located in different parts of Europe. These events promote the development of a sense of community amongst European lawyers, a European conception of the profession. They also provide an excellent forum for networking and experience-sharing.

Please take a few minutes to check out our website, and do not hesistate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.