Sep 3

AEA-EAL meeting with AIJA


On August 30th and 31st on the occasion of the 56th AIJA annual Congress taking place in Brussels (, Maria Ślązak, AEA-EAL President and Wiebe de Vries AIJA President met and signed the Memorandum of Understanding between these two organizations. A member of AEA-EAL Young Lawyers Commitee – Anna Kaczyńska, the lawyer from Lodz Bar Association (Poland) and Giuseppe Marletta, the AIJA Association Manager were also present during the ceremony of signing the Memorandum. The aim of this document is to facilitate and enhance cooperation between the AEA-EAL and AIJA to organize common events, meetings, conferences, seminars and trainings to develop networking and mutual understanding between lawyers from different jurisdictions and generations. To achieve these goals, the AEA-EAL Board of Directors has nominated Anna Kaczyńska as our liaison officer to the AIJA.

Apart from the signing of the Memorandum, Maria and Ania discussed with Wiebe and Giuseppe among the others common possible projects in such areas as practical advantages of application of new technologies, innovations and artificial intelligence in legal practice to increase of its competitiveness in changing market of legal services. During the meeting there have also been discussed important, actual human rights matters and the possible AEA-EAL – AIJA cooperation and support in this sphere.