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National Bar of Attorneys-at-Law



The National Bar of Attorneys-at-Law is the biggest legal profession in Poland consisting of around 55 000 lawyers and lawyer’s trainees.

The profession of an attorney at law is a profession of public trust and is organised within the professional bar according to the Act of the Polish Parliament under the authority of the Polish Constitution with the aim to protect public interest. The profession of an attorney at law is one of the legal professions recognised in Directive 249/77/EEC on temporary provision of legal services in another EU Member State and Directive 98/5/EC on permanent provision of legal services in another EU Member State.

The aim of the activities of attorneys at law is to provide legal services and legal assistance to individuals and legal entities, in particular by providing legal advice, preparing legal opinions, drafting legislative proposals and representing clients before courts and public bodies as a legal representative or a defence counsel, including before the Supreme Court, Constitutional Tribunal, Supreme Administrative Court, the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights.

Attorneys at law can practise in a law office on the basis of a civil-law contract but also in a civil-law partnership, general partnership, limited liability partnership, limited partnership and limited joint-stock partnership as well as in the form of an employment contract. Partners of attorneys at law in the companies referred to above may be other attorneys at law, advocates, patent attorneys, tax advisors and foreign lawyers, and the only purpose of these companies may be to provide legal assistance.

Attorneys at law are obliged to respect the rules of professional conduct adopted by the National Assembly of Attorneys at law and protecting the core values of the profession, such as independence, protection of professional secrecy, avoidance of conflicts of interest, protection of the dignity of the profession in professional, public and private life, as well as loyalty to clients. The Code of Ethics of attorneys at law regulates also the provision of information on carrying out professional activities, relationship with the courts, government agencies, local government and colleagues, and it also includes the obligation of continuing legal education. Failure to comply with ethical principles can bring attorneys at law and trainee attorneys at law before special disciplinary bodies of the bar.

National Council of Attorneys-at-Law

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