Letter of President

Dear Members,
Dear Colleagues,
Dear Friends,

It is a great honor to be the president of the European Association of Lawyers, the first European organization for individual lawyers, created in 11 October, 1986. Last year we celebrated 30th anniversary of our Association.

I am looking forward to having the opportunity of close involvement of all members in the work of our Association to make its activities most useful for all of us and for lawyers of those countries who have been still fighting for full respect for European standards of the profession.

My goal is to increase our Association’s membership to all lawyers, without limitation to European Union countries. The EAL’s statues read that “The purpose of the Association, which is entirely non-profit, is to foster the community spirit of its members, promote the European concept of the profession of lawyer and develop ways to facilitate the practice of the profession by providing information and legal training to its members as well as through scientific and cultural exchanges”. Lawyers all over the world aim to work in accordance with core values of the profession even if in some countries there is still a lot to be done in this field; our Association my support colleagues in their efforts by providing legal training, organizing scientific or cultural conferences, meetings and exchanges among those who share the same values.

We need to work together to boost the Association’s activity as a real network to exchange professional and personal contacts among the members. We plan to introduce some new forms of communication to facilitate our internal talks. We gather lawyers from various jurisdictions and we will make efforts to have more and more of them.

Our Association was and will always be open for needs and concerns of young lawyers. Our Marketing Committee is working on a new Young Lawyers’ Package to be presented to younger colleagues to assist them in professional development, mainly through networking opportunities.

The AEA-EAL is well-known of promoting European law and EU policies. Each year we organize conferences and seminars on European law being met with interest from lawyers in countries, where such events take place. We will continue these activities also in new jurisdictions. Our next event will be held on September 7-9, 2017 in Olsztyn, Poland, in the heart of the beautiful Mazury region, which is known as “The land of thousand lakes”. Together with the Olsztyn Bar Association we organize a seminar on data protection, the topic which nowadays is very lively discussed in the legal environment. I invite you all to join us in Olsztyn!

AEA-EAL is an organization which gives great opportunity for lawyers’ co-operation and networking. Together we will constantly develop our Association for the benefit of all its members!

Maria Slazak