Letter of President

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We continue our intensive works that were announced for this year: A conference on Artificial Intelligence took place in Edinburgh, UK on May 31st. Without doubt it is not a future, it is present and is touching daily practice of growing number of lawyers around the globe. You may find presentations on our website and photos on our Facebook.

On July 5-6th in Gdańsk, Poland we were organized a very interesting event – “Twinning of Lawyers” connected with the seminar on GDPR issues and various networking activities. Twinning was an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues from various jurisdictions in less formal atmosphere. It should be underlined that Gdańsk is one of the most beautiful European cities with over a 1000 years of history.

On September 6-7th in Tbilisi, Georgia a conference “East-West Economic Cooperation: Tbilisi Legal Forum” will be organized in cooperation with the Georgian Bar Association and Hong Kong Law Society. During this conference we will look into the fastest developing region in the world and will examine opportunities for lawyers on liaison with colleagues from Hong Kong and Georgia.

On October 17 – 19th in Łódź, Poland, a “Business Legal Forum” will happen. This event is a platform for companies and law firms to discuss use of new technologies in their daily work as well as to facilitate mutual contacts between lawyers and businesses.

On November 7th in Bern a seminar of experts, decision-makers and lawyers on “Standard Setting and Market Access” is foreseen as a follow-up of a very successful panel of experts organized last year. Topics will include diverse ways of access to the Single European Market, other than EU membership.

We welcome our new members, among others Consejo General de la Abogacía Española (The Spanish Bar), Barreaux de Bruxelles (The Brussels Bar) and Lublin Bar of Attorneys-at-law. We invite you to a fruitful co-operation.

This year we are preparing new tools strengthening the networking side of the AEA-EAL. Particularly we encourage you to use our google group (see more on page 2). On the others you will be informed soon.

Maria Ślązak