Dec 6

Slides from the seminar "Market Access: legal parameters in Europe and beyond"


We share with you slides from the AEA-EAL seminar “Market Access: legal parameters in Europe and beyond”. The event was organized in cooperation with the World Trade Institute as well as with the University of Bern. Speakers were high representatives of the Swiss and Liechtenstein governmental (and other) institutions being involved into access to the Single European Market matters as well as ambassadors of various countries, among the others UK, Ukraine and Mongolia. The aim of the conference was to discuss various ways of access to the EU Markets, to indicate obstacles to such access and their consequences as well as possibilities to avoid them.

Slides for download:

Slides Bollinger

Slides Clifton

Slides Hahn

Slides Maurer

Slides Meister

Slides Rybchenko

Slides Tribelhorn

Slides Weber

Slides Zurkinden