September 18

Legal Business Forum, 17 - 19 October 2019 in Łódź, Poland


Organized in the “Polish Manchester”, industrial XIX century city of Łódź Legal Business Forum had the aim to show a practical implementation of new technologies in our daily work. We focused on such topics as digital transformation in law offices, impact and making use of concrete IT tools like blockchain, smart contracts, etc. in the light of changing professional practice, predictive justice or Artificial Intelligence and robotics in law and regulations. Our priority was to present very practical innovation and technologies and its influence on performing legal profession and business.

Fantastic first panel on technological change on legal services market brought three perspectives: from a legal practitioner, from a bar association and from a legaltech start-up.

Second panel on new technologies and IT tools in legal practice showed us a case of an phishing attack on a law firm and its consequences, a look into smart contracts as well as how AI may help lawyers not replacing them.

Third panel on AI and human rights gave us overview on serious issues connected: shall AI be a subject of human rights? How to attribute rights to it? And many many more!

The fourth panel was a combination of presentations and discussions between lawyers and business on supporting each other in the reality of technology and economy.

The fifth panel on blockchain technology took us into two divided worlds that should become one in future: world of lawyers and world of IT specialists.

The audience was not only listening to the speakers but discussed lively during the breaks

Download program and conference presentations:

Legal Business Forum programme

Anna Atanasow

Amirali Nasir panel 3

Amirali Nasir panel 5

Damian Klimas

Dominik Lubasz

Jacek Harasimowicz

Jakub Barwaniec

Jędrzej Klatka

Maciej Krasowski

Marcin Jan Wachowski

Maria Dymitruk

Maria Ślązak

Valentine Hollier Roux

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September 7

Tbilisi Legal Forum, 6 - 7 September 2019 in Tbilisi, Georgia

It was wonderful to be in Tbilisi again and to make such a great event – Tbilisi Legal Forum – together with the Georgian Bar Association and Hong Kong Law Society.

With 100 participants (Georgia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, China etc.) – among others 20 lawyers from Poland coming from our collective members – Białystok Bar of Attorneys-at-law and Gdańsk Bar of Attorneys-at-law , this conference was devoted to important issues connecting lawyers and entrepreneurs: business climate and investment regulations in Hong-Kong, China and Georgia, One Belt One Road Initiative and its legal aspects, setting up the procedure between participating parties to assist business community in their countries, to find a proper lawyer when investing/trading, information on principles of performing legal services by foreign lawyers, etc. The event took place in the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Georgian Bar Association and the Hong Kong Law Society. Similar memorandum has been signed between the HK Law Society and the Regional Bar of Attorneys-at- Law in Gdańsk, who was also participated in the Forum.

We welcomed many distinguished speakers and guests, among others Natela Turnava – Minister of Economic Development of Georgia, Nikoloz Alavidze – Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Georgia, Davit Aptsiauri, General Director of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Special Representative of Georgian Government in the new Belt and Road Project, Anna Chernyshova – Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP Georgia, Nino Bakakuri – Judge, Supreme Court of Georgia, Irakli Lekvinadze – Business Ombudsman of Georgia, David Asatiani – President of the Georgian Bar Association, Melissa Pang – President of the Law Society of Hong Kong, Maria Slazak – President of the European Association of Lawyers, Stephen Hung – Past President and Council Member of the Law Society of Hong Kong, Wu Jian – All China Lawyers Association, Council of the Shanghai Bar Association, Mikheil Khidureli – CEO Enterprise Georgia, Levan Vepkhvadze – Executive Director of Business Association of Georgia, and Iamze Legashvili – Chair of the Dispute Resolution Center (DRC).

Conference presentations (for download)

Melisa Pang – 1

Melisaa Pang – 2

Mikheil Khidureli

Shi Jun

Stephan Hung – 1

Stephan Hung -2

Wu Jian

July 8

Twinning of Lawyers, July 4-7 2019 in Gdańsk, Poland

There were intensive days in Gdańsk when representatives of 11 countries from Asia and Europe took part in scientific, networking and social activities. On the first day of the Twinning, lawyers from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Uzbekistan discussed issues of crossborder use of GDPR rules between EU and non-EU jurisdictions. Interesting speeches and active participation of the audience proved the importance of the discussed topic for legal community and citizens. This day was finished with the dinner offered by the Dean and the Council of the Gdańsk Bar of Attorneys-at-law. On the second day our colleagues participated in celebrations of the Day of Attorney-at-law in less formal atmosphere – during the picnic of attorneys-at-law. There were also social activities organized like visiting the Old Town of Gdańsk with its 1000 years history and a trip to well-known resort – City of Sopot. More photos from the event are available on our Facebook:

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Conference report is available in English, Polish and Russian

June 11

AI Beyond the Hype, 30 May - 1 June 2019 in Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It was a great pleasure in meeting you in Edinburgh on an international conference on Artificial Intelligence AI Beyond the Hype – Benefits, Challenges and Liabilities on May 30 – June 1, 2019. The conference was organized by our Association AEA-EAL, the Scottish Society for Computers and Law and the Faculty of Advocates in partnership with British Computer Society and the SCRIPT Centre at Edinburgh University. Topics discussed included: What is AI and why should I care?; AI and legal liability; AI and Fundamental Rights; Towards an Ethical use of AI and AI and licensing issues. The speakers were leading experts, both legal practitioners and academics: Professor Timo Minssen, Director of the Centre for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law at the University of Copenhagen; Professor Burkhard Schafer, Professor of Computational Legal Theory and Director of the SCRIPT Centre at Edinburgh University, Katharina Miller, President of the European Women Lawyers Association (EWLA). Andrew Katz, joint editor of the International Free and Open Source Law Review, and a leading expert on software licensing; Chris Rees, the immediate Past President of the British Computer Society, Karmen Turk, advisor to the Estonian Government on AI issues and Iain Mitchell QC, Chairman of the Scottish Society for Computers and Law, Honorary Lecturer in IT Law at Münster University. There were also a video contribution from Wojciech Wiewiórowski, the Assistant Supervisor at the office of the European Data Protection Supervisor. Very interesting presentations, panels and speeches were followed by lively discussions and questions from participants who were truly involved or interested in this fast-moving field. The Conference was a spectacular opportunity to share information and knowledge about AI as hugely important topic as well as was an excellent chance to build an effective platform for communication and cooperation among stakeholders: lawyers, IT professionals and academics.

Please find below links to presentations to be downloaded or streamed:

Presentation Karmen Turk

Presentation Katharina Miller

Presentation Professor Minssen 2

Presentation Professor Minssen

Presentation Professor Schafer

Presentation Andrew Katz

Speech Chris Rees

awakens – episode 1

Sophia awakens – episode 2

Iain Mitchell QC

Professor Burkhard Schafer

Karmen Turk

Professor Timo Minssen

Katherina Miller

Chris Rees

Andrew Katz

Professor Wojciech Wiewiórowski

December 21

Posted Lawyers in Europe, 23 - 24 November 2019 in Lyon, France

A successful conference on posted workers in Lyon. With a number of engaged participants, top speakers and lively discussions it was one of the best AEA-EAL event organized this year. Thank to Lyon Bar for hosting us in its premises. Thanks to all speakers, participants and organizers for our common success!

EN Lyon report

Une conférence sur les travailleurs détachés à Lyon. Avec un certain nombre de participants engagés, des orateurs de premier plan et des discussions animées, ce fut l’un des meilleurs événements AEA-EAL organisés cette année. Merci au Barreau de Lyon de nous accueillir dans ses locaux. Merci à tous les intervenants, participants et organisateurs pour notre succès commun!
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PL Raport z konferencji w Lyonie

November 8

Modern Legal Profession, 8 - 9 November 2019 in Tbilisi, Georgia

Laurent Pettiti (France), Maria Ślązak (AEA-EAL President, Poland), David Asatiani (GBA President), Christoph von Wilcken (AEA-EAL Vice-President, Germany), Ruppert Wolff (President of the Austrian Bar)

A very intensive conference on the Modern Legal Profession held in Tbilisi together by the Georgian Bar Association (GBA) and European Association of Lawyers (AEA-EAL). The speakers touched such issues like exclusivity of lawyers’ profession, protection of legal services market, ntrance into lawyers’ profession and support of newcomers: European standards and best practices, road to drafting the European Convention on the Profession of Lawyer and role of bar associations and private lawyers in providing pro-bono legal aid.

At the end of the conference its participants called unanimously the Council of Europe to adopt the European Convention on the Profession of Lawyer. You may read the resolution here.

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October 27

Market Access: Legal Parameters in Europe and beyond, 26 October 2018 in Bern, Switzerland

HE Jane Owen, UK Ambassador to the Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Maria Ślazak, AEA-EAL President, Professor Michael Hahn, Managing Director of the Institut für Europa- und Wirtschaftsvölkerrecht and Professor Philipp Zurkinden, AEA-EAL Past President together with representatives of Swiss Government

On October 26, 2018, AEA-EAL and World Trade Institute organized workshop “Market Access: Legal Parameters in Europe and beyond” devoted to various aspects of trade of third parties with the UE. Top experts, politicians and specialists discussed possibilities of market access and its regulations – from general WTO rules to association and possible membership.

Slides for download:

Slides Bollinger

Slides Clifton

Slides Hahn

Slides Maurer

Slides Meister

Slides Rybchenko

Slides Tribelhorn

Slides Weber

Slides Zurkinden

July 28

Advocates 2018 - Improving the Quality of Legal Services, 15 - 17 June 2018 in Almaty, Kazakhstan

120 lawyers from 14 countries, 5 moderators and 33 speakers discussed in Almaty in June 15 – 16 how to improve the quality of legal services in Kazakhstan and in other countries of the Central Asia.

Five conference sessions: INDEPENDENCE was chaired by Maria Ślązak, CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION chaired by Sergiey Sizintzev, PROFESSIONAL ETHICS chaired by Jędrzej Klatka, LEGAL AID, chaired by Jonathan Goldsmith, and DISCIPLINARY PROCEEDINGS chaired by Norville Conolly. Within topics discussed during the conference “Advocates 2018” we promoted the concept of the self-regulated profession, boosted networking between advocates from Central Asia, Europe and other continents as well as promoted mutual professional co-operation between legal practitioners from different regions and legal jurisdictions. The event allowed a wide participation of our colleagues from the diverse regions to create a real forum not only for exchanging opinions and views, but also for filling information deficits, debating different viewpoints and for informal talks. It was probably the most important for advocates from Central Asia – lively discussions took place both on during sessions as well as on coffee breaks and lunches. Based on these discussion, conference recommendations have been drafted and presented.

Post-conference information is available for download
Photos from the conference:


May 4

AEA-EAL workshop for young lawyers, May 4 2018 in Chisinau, Moldova

AEA-EAL together with Moldavian Young Lawyers Association (MYLA) organized on May 4, 2018 a seminar for young lawyers on European convention on the profession of lawyer (context and need for adoption), view on ethics rules – independence, confidentiality and conflict of interest as well as issues related to management of the law firms. The event took place in Chisinau.

October 3

Practical Aspects of GDPR - How lawyers should be prepared?, 7 - 10 September 2017 in Olsztyn, Poland

Conference “Practical aspects of the EU regulation 2016/679 concerning the protection of personal data. How the lawyers should be prepared?” took place on September 7-9, 2017 in Olsztyn. The AEA-EAL was a co-organizer of this event with its four prestigious speakers from United Kingdom (Iain Mitchell QC), Hungary (Peter Homoki), China (Susan Ning) and Poland (Manana Topolewska). Dean of the Olsztyn Bar Association Katarzyna Skrodzka – Sadowska and AEA-EAL President Maria Ślązak welcomed participants underlying that presence of lawyers and other guests from seven countries shows a European dimension of the conference. AEA-EAL President highlighted also importance General Data Protection Regulation (further GDPR), its practical aspects of implementation and preparation of lawyers and law firms for the new legal regime. AEA-EAL speakers presented relations of the coming law with the professional secrecy, guidelines of international organization of lawyers on implementation GDPR rules by lawyers and on how to advise clients on application of the Regulation, influence of the GDPR on business processes inside the company as well as on non- EU regulations in the area of data protection including transfer of data to another jurisdiction. The presentations also touched upon the best personal data protection practices under the GDPR, the tools for safe, effective and compliant with law transfer of personal data and practical examples of GDPR implementation challenges for lawyers. Participants also benefitted from the comprehensive cultural program, which allowed them to discover the beauty and hospitality of Warmia and Masuria Region.

Conference presentations are available here

August 2

AEA-EAL Annual Congress in Barcelona, June 15-17, 2017

On June 15-16-17, took place at the Barcelona Bar Association the congress of the our Association, with a very important and successful conference on the new European Regulation about cross-border insolvencies, and the forthcoming Proposal for a Directive on preventive restructuring frameworks and Fresh Start opportunities.

This new Regulation and the forthcoming Proposal for a Directive represent a major step forward in achieving uniform insolvency regulation at European level. This is to avoid obstacles in the management of processes, since more and more companies have branches, and workplaces spread throughout Europe.

The conference in Barcelona brought together a dozen experts from different countries who debated before the participants about their respective systems and the opportunities and advantages of a more harmonized system.

The conference was opened by the member of the Board of the Barcelona Bar, responsible for international affairs.

But not all was work! There were different very kind events for the network and relaxing.

September 8

May 25th, 26th and 27th 2012


  • The EAL will hold its annual General Assembly on Saturday May 26th 2012 at 4.00 pm at the EAL’s working offices, Avenue Louise 385/1, 1050 Brussels. As members of the International Association AEA-EAL, you are most welcome to the Ordinary Annual General Meeting.
  • Due to an agreement with the European Bars Federation and the Brussels Bar, the EAL members will be able to register to the EBF’s general congress to be hold in Brussels on May 24th, 25th and 26th 2012 and meet colleagues from all over Europe.


September 6

30th Anniversary of AEA-EAL

30th Anniversary of the AEA-EAL
22nd October in Paris

 eiffel   paris

I would like to invite you on 22nd October in Paris to celebrate together the 30th Anniversary of the AEA-EAL.

Our meeting will take place on the day after the conference organized by CCBE, also in Paris on Friday 21st October about “Innovation & future of the legal profession”.

We will enjoy a gala evening at the prestigious place of the Cercle de l’Union Interalliée, 33 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, F – 75008 PARIS.

Monique Stengel – President and the Board

Please find full program and the registration form below.

Program and registration form

September 6

May 6-7 2011 – EAL’s 25th Anniversary Congress


On May the 6th and 7th 2011, the European Association of Lawyers held a congress celebrating its 25th anniversary under the important but still largely ignored main topic of ‘Insolvency under European law’. The European Commission’s best specialists underlined the growing importance of European law and its impact on our own legal systems. Well known specialists explained the complexity of the European Insolvency Regulation, the problems related and number of legal consequences to be aware of.

September 5


Rome I is a complex but very important tool in the legal practice of lawyers advising in cross-border matters. Our next conference is dedicated to this subject. We are delighted to organise this event jointly with the district bar of legal advisors of Sszczecin in Poland. This inasmuch as one of the main goals of AEA-EAL is to intensify the contacts with our colleagues in Eastern countries.

September 4


There were significant changes regarding the lawyers’ profession in the last few years. Further challenges and issues are awaiting: to what extent shall continuing training be required? How shall deontology be defined? How will the new technologies influence the lawyer’s activity? What shall be the right relationship with other legal, audit or commercial professions? etc. The modernization of the lawyers’ profession will be the topic of the morning session held jointly with the F.B.E.

September 2


On 12 December 2008, the new procedure of European Order of Payment, created by the regulation 1896/2006 will be applicable. The AEA-EAL, following its spirit of approaching the latest in European Law to the lawyers of the Old Continent, and into the context of the Procedural Sessions to be hold regularly in Barcelona, wanted to use the opportunity to deeply analyse this new procedural tool, which will certainly have a prime place in the fight against trans-national late payments, especially in the present situation of economical crisis.

To be able to provide the best lecturers, Professor in Procedural Law and Former Dean of the Barcelona Bar, Pr. Dr. Jaime Alonso-Cuevillas, organized the scientific programme.

September 1


The European Commission, in 2003 and then in 2005, examined the question relative to the validity of the laws and professional rules that restricted the following aspects: the organisation and the ownership of structures offering judicial services, the possibilities of partnership with others professions, especially with chartered accountants and the opening of branch, franchises or chains.

August 30


Last May, from 22nd to 24th, we held a very special and successful Congress at Istanbul.

For the first time, we made a joint Congress with the Federation of European Bars (FBE), where we organized a working session about Procedural Issues between EU and third Countries.

August 29


The FIDE is a federation of national associations of the Study of European Law which meet every two years to prepare a Congress, the next being in Linz (Austria) at the end of May (see:

August 28


Our association will hold its next congress in Istanbul, which is an exceptional project.
The idea and possibility of organising a joint event together with the Federation of Bar Associations of Europe, arose through the previous duties of the current President, Juan Nuñez, who was General Secretary of this institution during six years.

August 26


The conference was organised by The European Legal Forum (IPR Verlag) and the AEA – Associatión Européenne d’Avocats – in cooperation with the Suisse Institute of Comparative Law and the Dutch ASSER Instituut. It took place in the European University Institute in Florence on the 26th and 27th October 2007.

August 25


Gstaad Conference

Gstaad, March 1st – 3rd, 2007

The European Sector Inquiries and Future Politics in the Energy and Financial Services Sectors


I would like to register for this event and fill in the subscription form for the conference and send it by fax to the indicated location. REGISTER NOW.